We live in Bromsten which is situated in Spanga, north-west of Stockholm. We have five Labrador bitches.
In our home we also have a cat, which is getting a bit old by now.
All our animals live with us in the house. We have a garden where they may spend most of the day outdoors.
With the south of the Jaerva-area close to our home we have a nice place to go to for walks and different kinds of training.

In the summer we usually spend a lot of time in the archipelago to the south of Stockholm.
There the dogs can have a wonderful time with walks in the woods just outside the garden.
There are also possibilities for water games and working with retrievals.

I got my first dog, a dachshound, when I was 12 years old,
after that I got a little black poodle. He moved with me when I got married to Mats.

In 1982 the first Labrador, Biroh´s Sunny Season (sired by Sandylands Night Flight) came to our family.
With blood, sweat and tears I trained him. He was a nice but rather wild dog. When he was about 4 years old
we had a wonderful dog, loved not only by us but also by relatives, friends, neighbours and other people we met.
Sunny became a legend during his lifetime and was almost 12 years when he died.

Of course we had to have a new Labrador when he was gone.

Now Zorina (out of Fairybells Morning Star) came to our family from Fairybells Kennel
from Heby where Mary and Lasse Johansson have been breeding
Labradors with the right mentality. We couldn't have got a wiser and nicer dog, that loves to work.
She is not the fastest in the field (not even during her younger days), but smart.
You can easily read her body language and she is a kind police when other dogs are fighting.
Zorina is a nice walker with young children who wants to hold a leash.
She takes them for a short walk and when she thinks it is enough, she goes back home.
No cat, dog, moose or roe deer can ever disturb her during this commission.

My dream of having more Labradors made Hampus (Arosca´s Pocket of Clover) to arrive to our home a few years after Zorina.
He was an energetic retrieving dog and a mistress´ dog. To the neighbours´ joy he loved to carry around his favourite toy,
a plastic noisy "hot dog" during his walks. He was very nice with Zorina´s puppies, a real playmate.

Zorina got one litter and we kept Amie.
With Amie we got a faster retrieving dog that loves to work in the fields, woods and most of all in the water.

Since some years I give lessons in dog training and then it's natural to use Amie as an assistant. She really likes to "go to work".

From the Summer in 2003 I bought three bitches with about 6 months in between.
It was Ella (Annual's Good As Gold), Nova (Bumpkin's Country Classic) and Jaffa (Annual's Hold On Girl).

Ella became show champion 2005 when she was only 2,5 years old. She´s a natural retrieving dog.

Nova loves to play football more than the others in the pack. She loves to retrieve in the field as well as in the water.
She likes to please her masters more than playing with dogs.

Jaffa likes action, action and action. All kinds of training, retrieving and what so ever is her favorites.
No one can find a better and bigger stone to jump up on than she.
When she was only 8 weeks she tried to dive in her waterpan with her head under the water.
In the lake she tries to pick things up from the bottom.
Of course Jaffa´s favourite TV channel is Animal Planet.

Besides my job as dog trainer I practise dog massage. I have got a diploma from Axelsons Animal Massage School for dogs.
I keep courses for dog owners how to give their own dogs massage
and I give massage to dogs with different kinds of problems.

To me it's very important that the Labrador is kept as close as possible to the breed standard,
that they like to work and have that "willing to please" approach.
For the family the Labrador is an allround dog for pleasure and a splendid choice if you got the time.